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Service Rates & District Policies

Dillon Valley District generates its revenues from user fees and currently does not assess a mill levy against property in the District.

Water & Sewer Rates

Billing is quarterly in arrears. Water billing is based on actual metered usage. Bills are sent in April, July, October and January.

Water & Sewer Service Lines

By District policy, water and sewer connections from the house to the main in the street or easement are the responsibility of the property owner. The water service line typically has a shut off (curb stop) in the yard between the house and the street. The curb stop is the responsibility of the home owner and should be maintained in working order. It can be used in the event the water shut off in the house fails or cannot be accessed. If you do not know where your curb stop is, please call the District at 970-468-1848 and we will assist you in locating the curb stop.

Sewer EQRs

This document describes how EQRs are calculated and assessed according to the Joint Sewer Authority agreement.

Out of District

This document describes the rate structure for services supplied to areas not physically within District boundaries.

Accessory Apartment Rates

This document describes the rate structure for serving accessory apartments in the District.

District Policies

Authority to Enter

This document, also known as Resolution 99-2, affirms the District's authority to enter private premises for the purpose of installing individual shut-off valves in multifamily units.

Cross Connection Program

This document describes how the District complies with regulations concerning cross connections and mitigating backflow.

Cross Connection Policy