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Dillon Valley District

Water & Sewer Services

Dillon Valley District

The Dillon Valley District is closely monitoring the events surrounding the outbreak and spread of COVID-19. The District wants to reassure our customers that your tap water is available, plentiful and safe to drink. There currently is no evidence to support that COVID-19 is transmitted through drinking water. Your water is treated utilizing multiple steps to remove and disinfect any bacteria that meets the strict State and Federal drinking water standards ensuring your water is safe for consumption. Our staff continuously monitors the water supply to serve our customers in the Dillon Valley community.

Please use this site as your source for information about the District and news about your water and sewer services in Dillon Valley, Colorado.

Latest Public Notice:


24 January 2024


The Dillon Valley District Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following finalists in their search for qualified candidates to hold the position of Contract Administrator for the Dillon Valley District:

  • Quality Water Management, LLC
  • Angelique Justich
  • Apex 360, LLC


Tom Oberheide
Dillon Valley District
District Administrator

District Administrator

Tom Oberheide

Billing & General Questions
Phone: 970-468-6875

Mailing Address:
Dillon Valley District
PO Box 3428
Dillon, CO 80435-3428

Emergency Service

For water system emergencies such as water leaks or water supply issues, or for sewer system issues, please call Water Solutions Inc.

and statistics

Find link to other water conservation sites and review the Dillon Valley District source water reports.
Your Cooperation Is Requested

Please Remember

Please help out the our water systems
by abiding to some general rules.

Don't Flush These Items

Please do not flush paper towels or flushable baby wipes down the sewer system as they do not break down and can create a serious problem with backups. Please just throw these in the garbage.

The Story of Water

The Egyptians were the first people to record methods for treating water. These records date back more than 1,500 years to 400 A.D. They indicate that the most common ways of cleaning water were by boiling it over a fire, heating it in the sun, or by dipping a heated piece of iron into it.

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